The Guild and the Darlingness of Felicia Day

So now I want to be a gamer. Because what I really, really need is one more thing I can become obsessed with.


Vork protesting atop a dragon.

Since gaming is WAY outside my realm of possibility (not having any games or the money to purchase them) I instead opted to spend the week watching as many videos of Felicia Day as possible. Because seriously, she is the darlingest! After finishing The Guild, I watched a bunch of behind the scenes videos from season 6, trolled around the Geek & Sundry website, watched an hour-long video of her doing a live chat during the LARPing episode of Supernatural (which was one of the best episodes this season, by the way), watched Dragon Age: Redemption, checked out the Vaginal Fantasy book club episode where they discussed Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone (great book!) and signed up for all the social media updates offered. I may have also watched Felicia train her dog and assemble something from Ikea with Jeff Lewis (aka Vork) on The Flog.

Needless to say, Felicia Day is my new favorite. I must have seen her first in Buffy, but within the last couple of years she’s popped up on my radar several times, namely in Dr. Horrible, Supernatural and Dollhouse. I watched the first season of The Guild a while ago, but got distracted by something else and abandoned it. I remembered that I had several more seasons to watch when I saw her fantastic guest spot on Supernatural a couple weeks ago.

But I’m getting ahead of myself so I’m going to backtrack momentarily because this entire situation speaks volumes about me. I spent April attempting to focus on a couple of ongoing projects so I’ve been trying really hard not to get too involved in anything else. This does not mean I’ve been successful, it only means I’ve been watching more movies, things I’ve already seen before and shows that only had one season. It wasn’t until my Jennifer Westfeldt weekend that I realized (with some help from my friend Kim) that even in my best attempts to avoid obsession, I will still find my way to fixation.

Kim and I both like the rom coms so I was telling her about the movie Friends With Kids, which was written by, directed by and starred Jennifer Westfeldt. After admitting that I’d already watched it a couple times that weekend, I told her I’d also watched Westfeldt’s other two movies, Ira and Abby and Kissing Jessica Stein. (All streaming on Netflix.) She then pointed out that, while I had successfully avoided becoming obsessed with a new TV series, watching an artist’s entire body of work in one weekend wasn’t exactly non-compulsive.

Kim also recently named one of my favorite pastimes. While we were chatting about a band she recommended, I started to tell her the life story of all the members, how they got together, where they live and what inspires them to write. That’s when Kim pointed out that I am also obsessed with Unnecessary Research. Aren’t our dearest friends great for naming our most neurotic neuroses? Unnecessary Research! Yes, that’s exactly it.

So of course, this week is all about Felicia Day. If you’re interested, we could talk about how she’s from Texas and studied violin at U of T, her Skyrim house where her lizard husband sleeps in the same room with her adopted children, how adorable her dog Cubby looks in a business tie, why she doesn’t like YA and her philosophy on Geek. But probably you just want to watch The Guild, and that’s OK too.

A note on obsession: I find it interesting what we’re drawn to at different times. The Guild is a great example. When I started watching season 1, I didn’t really get into it. But this week, The Guild and Geek & Sundry and Felicia Day’s approach to her work really inspired me. I’m at a personal crossroads, trying to figure out exactly what I’m trying to do with my work. Hearing Felicia discuss writing, acting, producing and finding a way to make what you love what you do helped me figure out some of my next steps. Plus, did I mention how darling she is? Not being a gamer, I don’t know what a lot of the Geek & Sundry shows are talking about and there are so many acronyms I don’t understand! But I enjoy watching people talk about things they are passionate about and have fun doing them. And I think Felicia’s definition of Geek is so encompassing that it’s easy to see why someone like me would feel at home watching any of the Geek & Sundry shows.

“To me,” she said in her State of the Sundry address, “geek means an outsider, a rebel, a dreamer, a creator — whether it’s our own world or someone else’s. It’s a fighter. It’s a person who dares to love something that isn’t conventional. The mantra of geek to me is ‘Your judgement is not my problem.'”

vag fantasy

Best graphic design ever.

I like that. And I like Felicia Day. Maybe someday I’ll play some games, but in the meantime I will enjoy watching her talk about just about anything. I am a longtime genre romance reader, so I joined Felicia’s Vaginal Fantasy Hangout group on Goodreads. This month, they are reading Shadow’s Claim and The Poison Princess, both by Kresley Cole, so I’m going to try to get them so I’m ready for the live chat on Geek & Sundry on May 28 at 11 p.m. (EST). Plus, isn’t this the most brilliant work of graphic design ever?

As for watching, tonight the Neil Gaiman-scribed episode of Doctor Who aired, so I’m pretty excited to watch that. As for obsessions, I’ve already decided that next up is The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I first heard about it when the lead actors did readings from The Fault in Our Stars during John and Hank Green’s Evening of Awesome in January and I’ve been curious ever since. I’m pretty excited about it.

Things I’m watching right now: Firefly over and over and over again. Also, there’s a bunch of season finales on this week, so I’m pretty excited to see where my shows leave off.

Things I’m reading right now: T.A. Barron’s The Great Tree of Avalon Child of the Dark Prophesy. Just started this one and only a couple pages in so far.

Things I’m trying not to watch right now: Eureka (more Felicia Day) and Mad Men. Both have been calling to me.

Things I’m trying not to read right now: I finished Sandman Volume 1 and I really, really want to read more. I also saw a couple of other Neil Gaiman books (Good Omens and Neverwhere) at the library this week, so I think those are next on my list.


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